Nio Eve

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EVE, Nio's Vision

In August 2016 the Nio Design Team was briefed to develop Nio's vision for an autonomous vehicle. From a clean sheet the team designed one of the most exciting and compelling visions of a self driving car in just 5 months and unveiled this incredible showcar in just 3 more months at SXSW March 2017 in Texas. The concept video brings the product to life through the eyes of the person for whom she was conceived.

Defined by the Experience

The product experience is at the core of the EVE concept. In imagining a new future the interaction with technology was key to the Vision. In EVE the power of A.I. and speech interaction freed the team to reduce the prominence of technology as individual components that define the interior and design a pure space to spend life. The concept relied on materials and surfaces which are interactive and can change identity especially the interactive glass. A hero element of the cockpit was the infotainment screen which becomes transparent in a second revealing an open view of the road where drivetrain would be in the cars we know now. This was enabled in the real show car to stunning effect.

Nio Eve

Embedded A.I. 

Designed as a smart product Nomi was embedded throughout the product as the core interface to the holistic technology package through speech. A future Nomi Halo product concept was developed to embody the intelligence of the system and a focus for the soul of EVE connecting to the nervous system of the vehicle through light and sound. This system was enabled in the show car and signified the different states in which EVE can perform.  

Nio Eve Nomi Halo

Driving Autonomy

The world of Autonomous vehicles is a tantalising proposition for everyone. In reality there are scenarios in which driving will be necessary in a truly flexible personal vehicle for some time. We wanted to deliver a fabulous driving experience fro EVE. The retractible cockpit reduces the elements needed to fro driving to their bare essence simplifying the joy of living with EVE every day. All driving information is displayed in the special glass.

Nio Eve Autonomous drive

among us 

One area crucial to the adoption of autonomous vehicles is the nature of their autonomous behaviour. This area was little defined in legislation or technology when EVE was conceived. I have a great passion and interest in this area and in EVE this aspect was fundamental to the holistic concept. EVE's body language was defined through a light and sound concept both internally but also externally as a communication with other road users whether pedestrians, driven or ridden vehicles, or other autonomous vehicle passengers.

Nio Eve Autonomous Drive

EVE Arrives In Texas

As with many things, Nio going to SXSW with EVE in 2017 exemplified the action driven attitude of the company. Having decided we wanted to show the world our vision we needed the right stage to make the impact we wanted and connect with the community which had defined as ours. I suggested that SXSW could be a great platform knowing that the festival is experience driven and could connect us to the right community. To my surprise this suggestion became reality and in a matter days the team were gearing up towards SXSW. This is just one example I remember of the incredible experience we all had working in such a dynamic and driven team.

Nio Eve SXSW 2017

A one of a kind showcar arrives in the early hours of the morning.

Nio Eve SXSW 2017

A unique crowd experience a unique concept.

Nio Eve SXSW 2017

A great team enjoys a great success.