Public Speaking & Advocacy 

In recent years I have enjoyed a number generous requests to speak publicly around the world about my work and the brands for whom I have worked and collaborated with. I have also had the pleasure to teach as a visiting lecturer at Umea Institute of Design in Sweden. 

Kaveh Shirdel CarIT Kongress 2019

CarIT Kongress 
2019 Frankfurt

IAA Speaker Link

Nio Seeds Beijing Auto Show 2017

Nio Seeds Beijing Auto Show 2017

Kaveh Shirdel Alibaba UCAN 2018

Alibaba UCAN UIUX Conference

2018 Huangzhou 

Kaveh Shirdel GQ China

GQ China


Kaveh Shirdel MOVE2020 London



Kaveh Shirdel 3M Design Night Milan

3M Design Night,
Milan 2018

Kaveh Shirdel China HMI Summit 2018

Inaugural China HMI Summit, Shanghai 2018

Kaveh Shirdel Wiredcraft UIUX Conference 2018

Wiredcraft UIUX 

Shanghai 2018

Kaveh Shirdel UID MFA Interaction design

Umea Institute of Design, External Tutor MFA Interaction design